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  Doppler Radar Systems

WDS is the only radar manufacturer that has years experience with grid-pulse TWT systems specifically designed for the weather radar market. The WDS/Teledyne team’s visionary TWT designs offer the performance and agility that coaxial magnetron and cathode-pulsed klystrons can’t compete with - an edge the US military has long realized.

Federal guidelines for RF exposure are becoming increasingly more restrictive with more stringent licensing requirements. WDS produces the only high-performance low-RF emission radar systems on the market today. The Company was founded on this principle and we are proud to say we have been designing and manufacturing the most technologically advanced high-performance low RF-emission radar systems since our inception. Our radar systems are comprised of complex processing algorithms, advanced receiver technology, and coherent pulse transmitter designs derived from current military electronic warfare systems.

As a designer and manufacturer, we're able meet your specific radar needs and monetary considerations. Our lineup of advanced coherent-pulse C-band Doppler radar systems includes a variety of power ranges and antenna sizes (up to 25-feet) with a choice of pedestal configurations and radomes.

We also take pride in the fact that we offer the only true coherent-pulse Doppler weather radar system in its class on the market today. WDS radar systems are based on the same theory of operation as the National Weather Services NexRad and the FAA TDWR wind shear radars in use at the nation’s largest airports.

Dual Polarization Systems
The distinct advantage of this high-end system is the ability to distinguish between many target types with unique signatures such as rain, hail, sleet, freezing rain, graupel, and more. All government NexRad systems are slated for dual polarization upgrades. WDS is offering dual polarization hardware to the commercial market today.

Pulse Compression Systems
Pulse compression is a technique commonly used in military radars that enable lower peak power systems to out-perform systems using several hundred kilowatts. Call for details.
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